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Dr. John Trent tells the story of a couple in West Texas. The wife, Betty, was very athletic, & had been a cheerleader & very popular in high school. Now she is 55 & has come to Dr. Trent for medical help. She hurts a lot & her joints are beginning to swell.

After examining her, he tells her that she has rheumatoid arthritis & there is no cure. She sits crying for a moment as she considers her future. Then her tall, leathery-faced West Texas cowboy husband walked into the room & sat down beside her.

Betty said, "Rusty, you need to get a divorce. I can’t be a wife to you anymore. It hurts every time I move, & I can’t even hold your hand. For your own sake you need a woman who can really love you. Why don’t you get a divorce, & go your way & I’ll go mine?"

Dr. Trent said, "Rusty sat down on that stool beside her. He looked her in the eye & said, `Betty, can you smile?’ `It doesn’t hurt to smile.’ He said, `That’s all I need, just a smile. Well,’ he said, `Really, I don’t even need a smile. All I need is you.’"

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