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The movie "Mighty Ducks" is a David vs Goliath type of film. Gordon Bombay, a high priced lawyer with a prestigious law firm is arrested for DWI and ordered to perform 500 hours of community service. His assignment is to coach a pee wee hockey team made up of a bunch of misfits and troubled kids from the inner city of Minneapolis. By his own admission, Gordon Bombay states, "I hate kids and I hate hockey." First game he coaches, the team has to play the best team in the league, the Hawks. The Hawks were a well coached team from the wealthy suburbs. They were big and mean and knew how to play hockey. Their coach was a win at all cost type of guy. They beat up this team of misfits 17-0.

Eventually, Gordon begins to overcome his own giants and takes a real interest in this group of misunderstood ten year old hockey players. Things begin to turn around and the eventually earn the last spot in the Minnesota State Pee Wee playoffs. They win their first two games and earn a spot in the championship game vs the Hawks, who are now 14-0. The Hawks break out to a 3-0 lead by the end of the first period. But the Ducks fight back and with 55 seconds left in the game tie the score at 4-4. As time runs out, a Duck player is taken down and a penalty shot is awarded to the Ducks. One on one vs the Hawks goalie. A chance for David to bring down Goliath.

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