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John Eldredge in “The Sacred Romance” tells us this about romance, “When I was a boy, I loved to jump from our haymow onto the backs of steers feeding at the hayrack directly underneath. The ensuing bareback ride was always an adventure of the highest order. I also loved to watch The Mickey Mouse Club on television, just to have a moment’s intimacy with Annette Funicello. I am still partly convinced our eyes met a time or two and she smiled at me. These two boyhood passions for adventure and intimacy often came together in my fantasies in a story in which I would rescue Annette from the bad guys and escape with her into the mountains where we would live happily ever after. I would be her hero. She would be my beauty. And we would always be ready to fight the bad guys again whenever the world needed us, side by side. Whatever form each of our intimate adventures has taken in our fantasies, or in ‘real life,’ this Sacred Romance is set within all our hearts and will not go away. It is the core of our spiritual journey. Any religion that ignores it survives only as guilt-induced legalism, a set of propositions to be memorized and rules to be obeyed (20).

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