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Why does God hate divorce? Listen to some ramifications of divorce, taken from Biblical Counseling for Today - Watson Pages 187-188 -- Watson notes:

Dobson commissioned his Focus on the Family staff to conduct a broad based survey of existing research concerning marital status. “From a social perspective,” he asked, “is it a good thing to be married? Or is marriage just a piece of paper, as many family cynics have suggested? What resulted was a thirty six page summary of seventy two research studies, mostly secular, which clearly showed the advantage, for the average person, of being married. Comparing traditional populations (married couples and children living with married birth parents) to other populations (never married singles, cohabitating couples, separated/divorced individuals, blended stepfamilies, and others) across a number of variables (income, physical and mental health, lifestyle habits), the report argued that marriage is a definitive ‘plus’ for both adult spouses and dependent children. Based on this paper and the spin-off broadcasts and articles it inspired, Sunday school teachers could say to teenagers,

a. Did you know 90 percent of cohabitating couples plan to get married someday, but 40 percent break up before they say I do?

b. Did you know that those who live together before they get married are nearly twice as likely to get a divorce afterward, compared to couples who never played house? In, fact, the longer a couple lives together before marriage, the more likely they are to get divorced afterward!”…

c. Did you know that 84 percent of all documented child abuse occurs in single –parent homes, with half of those instances occurring at the hands of boyfriends?

d. Did you know that a pregnant woman is 4 times more likely to be beaten by her boyfriend than by her husband?’

Even therapists, gaining leverage from the report, would encourage couples to stay together.” Some people will tell you that divorce is the answer…that its brief crisis and your kids will get over it. But the research suggests that children of divorce are far more likely to end up adults with poorer incomes, weaker emotional adjustments, and less stable marriages.

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