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God Calls You To The World

“Where are you?” the stranger said.

I didn’t understand, “What do you mean? I am right here.”

“But where is that?” he persisted.

“Right here on the planet earth,” I said.

He went on: “Who put you here?”

“I’m proud to say that God did, of course.”

The stranger smiled, “Who else is here?”

“Who else is where?”

“Who else is with you,” he patiently continued, “here on the earth?”

I looked around, suddenly noticing everyone else for the first time. I was awestruck. After a few moments I answered, “There are billions of others here!”

“And how are they?” the stranger said.

I gazed out at what was going on around me, slowly taking in all I could. “Not very well, it seems.”

“Can anything be done to help them?”

Why is he asking me? I thought.

“Surely something can be done,” I managed to reply.

I continued looking out, overwhelmed by what I saw. Finally I turned back to the stranger. He had been watching me, quietly and earnestly.

“I have one more question,” he said. “Why are you here?”

From Discipleship Journal May/June issue 1981

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