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Unity Baptist’s pastor shares from His sermon "Faith: Enoch-walking with God in faith" on sermoncentral.com shares:

"Picture in your mind, if you will, Enoch, walking with God in the coolness of the evening, just as night and day are meeting and lengthened shadows begin to fall across the earth...Together they walk, speaking, communicating...One the created, the other the Creator...and as they walk, Enoch pleases God...Daily this walk takes place...it takes place in the chill of winter and the heat of summer...Enoch daily walks with God in the freshness of Spring and the drab foreboding of fall...And then, one day, as Enoch and God walk together and as the sun slowly sets, Enoch notices that he has traveled far from his home and from his family and he possibly says, 'God , I did not realize we had walked together such a distance from ...

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