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David DePra in his article the Silence of God wrote this about the times when God is silent.

“If you have walked with God for any length of time, you will experience times when no matter how hard you pray, God is silent. He just doesn’t answer. And there is no indication that He ever will. Why does God do this? Hasn’t He promised to answer prayer? Doesn’t He know how much we need Him? Is there something you ought to be doing to get God to respond to you? The first thing it helps to realize is that the silence of God in the life of a Christian is normal. Yep. It’s the way God works. That’s because He wants us to walk by faith, and not by sight. There is another, more important reason, however, for God’s silence. Often, when we seek God for answers, we are not in the spiritual condition necessary to receive the answer. So God waits until we BECOME, in order that we might understand. Then He can answer us. We’ll be ready to receive it. We need to see that in the trials and ...

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