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Text Illustrations
Opening Timer Illustration: Set timer for 30 minutes – Did you know - What happens in 30 minutes? “Mission Maker Magazine”, page 18, Edition 2008, (www.WorldChristianDatabase.org).

7,764 souls began life in the world

3,444 souls meet Jesus face-to-face

3,420 baptisms occurred in foreign mission

$1,311,888 dollars where given to foreign missions

$1,368,924 dollars were embezzled from Christian funds by leaders

10,896 people migrated internationally

402 children became homeless or family-less

2,275 rural poor migrated to cities

1,140 people moved into urban slums

68 people began supporting themselves only by collecting garbage

1,375 children under age five died from preventable starvation related causes

22 million was given to all Christian causes (3% from Christian incomes)

10 Christians died for their faith witness