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Text Illustrations
Here are the social reasons given on survey picked up by the Right to Life org. as to why individuals get abortions:

Social Reasons (given as primary reason)

-Feels unready for child/responsibility 25%

-Feels she can’t afford baby 23%

-Has all the children she wants/Other family responsibilities 19%

-Relationship problem/Single motherhood 8%

-Feels she isn’t mature enough 7%

-Interference with education/career plans 4%

-Parents/Partner wants abortion <1%

- Other reasons <6.5%


"Hard Cases" (given as primary reason)

- Mother’s Health 4%

- Baby may have health problem 3%

- Rape or Incest <0.5%


Poll Fact: An April 2004 Zogby poll found that 56% of Americans support legal abortion in only three or fewer circumstances: when the pregnancy results from rape or incest or when it threatens the life of the mother.