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We need to look at storms and painful scenarios in a different light. Possibly God’s light? Wirt helps us to see through a difference lens in his book Jesus Man of Joy.Sherwood Wirt has this to say about the positive side of pain:

Pain does have this positive value. It will bring to halt our indulgence in wasteful and useless thoughts, and force us to concentrate on more important matters. It can even galvanize us into action. A young boy growing up in a Christian home in Ohio had left home and was working on a canal boat when he injured his foot while chopping wood. He contracted blood poisoning and soon became an invalid. During the long, painful months in bed he resolved to seek an education upon recovery. He studied for the ministry but then became a teacher, then a school principal. During the Civil War he joined the 42nd Ohio Volunteers, became a hero during the fighting at ...

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