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In early 1994 in Oslo, Norway there was a Christian conference with about half a dozen speakers. The main speaker was Hector Gimenez from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The organizers gave out a schedule but would not inform the people who was speaking at a particular time. The Lord told me to go once and for the Friday night service. Hector was the speaker.

He was once on drugs and had 2 police bullets in his body because of theft but both his wife and mother were praying for him. He was saved and about 8 years ago he started a church. In the early stages the congregation grew from 500 to 5000 in just 3 months. In 1994 it was reported that his congregation stood at some 150,000.

Initially Hector was preaching on the streets of Buenos Aires. One Saturday night after witnessing he went into a radio station and he received two breaks :-

1. he got on the radio for free on a regular spot

2. he was given the use of a theatre rent - free for the use of Christian meetings.

This sort of thing does not figure in a "business plan " but is obviously God? s favour and God? s doing. At one time this ministry that grew out of street work was the second largest church in the world.

Source: Michael, PRAYER AND FASTING NETWORK www.angelfire.com/md3/pafn777

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