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Being shocked by electricity can be very dangerous. Just ask professional golf legend Lee Trevino. He was struck by lightning while sitting under a tree during a tournament several years ago. He said, “It bolted my arms and legs out stiff, jerked me off the ground”. He went on to explain that he was sure that the lightning had killed him, at least for a moment. Lee Trevino would be the first to tell you that contact with electricity can be deadly. [2927]

However, if you were to ask my dad’s roommate at St. Mary’s hospital last year when he was in for heart tests, he would tell you that contact with electricity can be life saving. My dad’s roommate’s heart stopped beating in the middle of a procedure and the doctors were forced to make use of a device called a “defribulator”. They are also known as “paddles”. They send a heavy electric shock into the body of the patient in an effort to restart the heart. In this man’s case, contact with this electricity saved his life.

It’s important to keep this in mind when we look at our circumstances. Some circumstances that we think are deadly, may very well be the case because God wants to wake us up and rescue us. That is exactly what happens to Jonah in chapter 2. Normally, being in the belly of a great fish would be a deadly circumstance, but in this case it is that circumstance that provides Jonah’s wake-up call.

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