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Others have prejudices, but we have convictions.

Others are conceited, but in me it’s self-respect.

Others are social-climbing snobs, but with me it’s just trying to get ahead.

If you are unyielding about your views of Scripture, that’s just plain stubbornness; but in me, it’s contending for the faith.

When you spend time on your personal appearance, it’s vanity; in me, it’s just making the most of my God-given assets.

In you, it’s impatience; while in me, it’s "have you noticed how annoying everyone is?"

In you, it’s touchiness; but in me, it’s sensitivity.

In you, it’s self-righteousness; while in me it’s amply justified, because I really am right.

In you, it’s worry; in me, concern.

In you, it’s self-justification; but in me it’s just explaining my position.

In you, it’s a bad temper; while I "blew my stack" because they had it coming and I couldn’t let them get away with it


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