Text Illustrations
I watched Denise Jackson, the wife of country star Alan Jackson share her testimony on CBN, and it is also in her new book “It’s all about HIM”. She is not talking about Alan, but the Lord Jesus. She said she was raised in church, and went every Sunday, and had the head knowledge. But after marrying Alan she got caught up in the celebrity lifestyle and quit going to church. After 18 years of marriage Alan walked out, and this was almost 10 years ago. She said she had a new baby and her world shattered. Looking back she said the shattering was the greatest blessing. They were separated over 3 months. “Losing Alan helped me find the love that would never let me go.” Driving in the car she prayed, Lord, I am so tired of trying to get him back, and I don’t believe you want our family to be broken, but if you do, and it’s your will, I know you will take care of me. A peace filled her heart.