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One other comment I would like to make about Miriam’s leadership. I believe that we as a church need to affirm and draw out the gifts of leadership in more of the women in our church. God commended the leadership of Moses and Aaron together with the leadership of Miriam. In contrast with other religions, the Christian religion has clearly elevated the status and dignity and leadership of women. In the Bible, we find that God used women at key times in Israel’s history to accomplish His work- women like Miriam, Deborah, Ruth, Esther & Mary (the mother of our Lord). Even though the Bible clearly states that some roles are assigned specifically to men (priests and elders, for instance), the Bible also affirms that women, if they have gifts of leadership, need to be affirmed for their gifts, and used for their gifts, and trained to develop their gifts- and, I pray that we will do more of this as a church or we miss some of the greatest resources and talents and ideas and perspectives that our women have! I am concerned that there are not more women on our various boards and ministry teams and Bible studies and ...

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