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Text Illustrations

There once was a man named Randy Lo – his friends just called him Lo. Lo lived a hard life ignoring the many attempts of friends to introduce him to Jesus Christ. Eventually, though, Lo did become a Christian, giving his life over to our Lord Jesus. After some time, his walk with the Lord became stale, and Lo became quite discouraged, and his discouragement led to him lose a lot of sleep. One day while having lunch with a friend he expressed his discouragement saying that he didn’t feel that God was around him anymore, and this disturbed him so much he could hardly get a wink of sleep. His friend being a wise and mature Christian encouraged Lo not to give up but to again pick up his bible and search the Scriptures – he suggested starting with the Gospel of Mathew. Lo went home and decided to take his friends advice and he found his bible and started reading. Soon he arrived at Mathew 28: 20 and read the words of Jesus: lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. That night Lo slept quite soundly.