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Text Illustrations
Katie and I have this friend Denny from the San Francisco Bay Area who started attending seminary a couple of years after we started. Now Denny is quite the handsome man, but I never realized how handsome he was until he started school with us, he was a total chick magnet. On his arrival we had lunch together at the seminary cafeteria and by the end of the day I had virtually every single woman in the school ask me, “Who was that man you and Katie were having lunch with today?” Denny and I would go to downtown Princeton to get some coffee or head over to the university library, and I kid you not, every woman we would pass on the street, would literally stop and stare at Denny. They waved, said hello, all were very friendly – something that doesn’t happen when the average person is walking down the street in New Jersey. We always got great service from wait staff, it was uncanny. Denny was oblivious to all of this. When we mentioned this to him he was baffled, what were we talking about? Well of course, he had never experienced anything different. A couple of years ago I saw Denny at a pastor’s conference and we went out to dinner and there it was again – as we walked to our table, the head of every woman followed our every step and remained upon us as we sat. It is at a moment like that, that you realize, “I am not one of the beautiful people”. The heads of the women followed Denny because of attraction; the people from Capernaum follow Jesus because of attraction, not because they wanted a changed life.