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Acts 1:1-11

I delivered eggs one summer for an extra job. I had a huge white delivery van and I would load up with cases of eggs in Oakland and deliver them to small markets, omelet restaurants, bakeries, mini markets and a neighborhood co-op or two.

It was a fairly easy job, while I was in training. When I was in training the boss answered all the questions and handled all the complaints, I just drove and filled out orders. Then one morning, I was on my own.

It turns out, there are a ton of things that can go wrong with eggs. I would have business owners confront me with three cracked eggs out of the one thousand I delivered the week before. People would claim to have not received what they signed for. Restaurants owners would have accidentally left their checkbook at home and the cash register would mysteriously be low on cash. In Berkley I was followed by a team of anti-chicken egg protesters who would chant anti-egg-producer slogans and attempt to block my deliveries. At times they would lay down in may path so I would have to step over them. They even managed to block me in one day during a delivery. I called my boss for advice. He said, offer them each a case of eggs. Amazingly, he was right, I offered them each a case of eggs - their ideology changed, they took the eggs and went away - and were back the next week chanting their anti-egg slogans at me.

The job was easy when the boss was there. Life is easy when Jesus is there eating right in front of you. Questions? Jesus will have the answers. Problems? Jesus will take care of them. Hassles? No one will bother us when Jesus is here with us.

But, then Jesus leaves. First Jesus tells them to wait (verse 4) but then he leaves (verse 9). They will have to wait without Jesus.

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