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A woman came to an elder of a congregation in Lubbock, Texas asking if he would study the Bible with her. He gladly studied with her, which resulted in the woman’s salvation. Curiously the elder asked the woman what PROMPTED her to come in and study the Bible. She told the elder over a year ago her three-year old son was hit by a car and was critically injured and it was touch and go for a while. During that time, her next-door neighbor, who was a member of this particular church, was exceedingly helpful. She took care of her other son. She cooked dinner for her family, she did her shopping, she cleaned the house, washed the laundry. She did all of that without a single complaint or asking for anything in return. The lady continued by saying that knew her neighbor had something that she did not have. I knew that she was a member of this church but that’s all that she knew about her. She was always friendly and she invited me to church. But prior to her son’s accident, I had nothing to do with her because her mother told her that members of the church were judgmental, rude, and obnoxious toward anyone who was not a member of the church.


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