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When I attended grad school at Criswell College I went to work selling furniture for a large store in Dallas. What I didn’t know was that I was hired by a gay man and a lesbian woman, they were the managers. The only reason they hired me was because I was a top producer everywhere I had worked. I also learned later that a vast majority of the men there were homosexual. So, I had some lessons to learn. God taught me not to get angry but to let God take care of them and my job was to try to win them to the Lord. Another seminary student and myself started a Bible study before work on Saturdays. One of the gay men who had left his wife and children to live the gay lifestyle came to our Bible study regularly. He had ruined his family and his life because he contracted AIDS but he would not repent. He wouldn’t even begin to think that he was wrong. His mind was completely turned away from the truth. Most homosexual men can never get back to right thinking.

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