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Anyone who has had a child knows that giving birth takes a lot of effort. For nine months this child is growing inside the womb. Then the day arrives. Suddenly there is agony. You ladies just don’t understand what suffering we guys have to go through. We have to be sensitive and attentive. We have to hold your hand and never let on that your grip is killing us. We have to make sure the ice water is near, make sure the drugs are coming, make sure the doctors and nurses are ready all without leaving your side. We have to remind you to breathe, and to do so gently while you are swearing that we will never have another child and that somehow you are blaming us guys for doing this to you. I mean, you get to lie in bed the whole time – that should tell you something. A woman once told me that if I wanted to know what birth was like, take my upper lip and pull it over my head. All I know is that if it were men giving birth to children the human race would have died out long ago.

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