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Let's suppose for a moment you are in a place you have never been before. You have no idea how you got there. A person comes out and tells you, "You must go into that room and choose one of four things to take with you on your journey when you leave this place. You may not ask any questions. What you take is yours to keep but you may only take one thing. Leave the room through the door in the back and be on your way."

You go into the room and you find by #1 a huge beautiful diamond ring. By #2 a brief case full of $100 bills neatly stacked all the real stuff. By #3 this is a loaded a gun, and by #4 a map of a mine field showing the location of some old land mines.

You know what each of these objects is, and you are smart enough to make a decision on which one you may want. What you don't know is which one are you really going to need on your journey when you go out the other side of the building. If you go out and find a car waiting to take you home, you may feel pretty good about having taken the diamond or the brief case filled with money. If you go out and find a grizzly bear coming after you, you may feel good about taking the loaded gun. But if you go outside and find a field that has a sign saying, no one has ever made it alive across this field, without having a map of where the mines are located none of the other three choices are nearly as important as that map would be.

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