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Donna Stacy shows God's love to people.

She can talk to anyone. Donna goes into a grocery store and if there are babies present you might as well get a book and read a little because it’s going to take her a while to get beyond the bread rack.

But it’s more than just babies. Donna sees beyond the clothing and the hairdo. Donna somehow transmits a message of acceptance to people around her.

This past week she told me about being in a store and visiting with a 70 year old woman for about 45 minutes. They talked about her children and about all kinds of things.

Somehow the conversation went to church and God. The woman said in kind of half joking way, “I’m just a pagan”. Donna said, “God loves you so much.” This 70 year old woman responded, “Thank you, I will not forget you.”

One plants, another waters, and another harvests...

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