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We once had a homeless man show up at our mission. He had been walking for days to get someplace so that he might find work. His feet were blistered, his shoes were worn and his socks had holes. The case manager had a big heart, she had the man sit down and she got a pan of water. She proceeded to remove the man’s old tatered shoes and the man’s socks were so worn that they practically fell off his feet and crumbled in her hands. As she slowly washed each foot and put soothing medication on the blisters, she explained to the man how much Jesus loved him. and how he was worth ever second Christ spent on the cross. She got him some new socks and some new shoes and offered the man a place to sleep with a hot meal for lunch and supper. This is what Jesus does to your heart when you help His loved ones. Who do you think received the most out of this story [which by the way is true]. Was it the woman or the man, you decide, because no mater how you choose, you will be right.

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