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Anyone that has been zapped by a speed camera or pulled over by the Police and gets a fine and endorsement is likely to be a bit more careful in the future, especially if the loss of their driving licence is threatened. Our obedience to the law doesn’t come about by our love for the policeman who pulled us over or installed the camera. Even if they were nice or handsome like I used to be when in the police! Neither because we necessarily agree with the speed limit set, let’s be fair some are stupid, especially at night on empty motorways! So why do we drive slower? Because we don’t want a fine or endorsement!

What Jesus said was, “if you love me, then you will obey my commandments.” In other words, love produces obedience, or obedience to Christ’s command is the result of genuine love. It is possible to obey Jesus’ words, as we would a speed limit, and not love Him, maybe because of fear of God. However it should be impossible to love Him and not obey Him. I say should, because we often hurt the one we love don’t we! I am convinced that the Lord prefers obedience out of love more than out of fear! Wouldn’t you?

Evangelist Roger Whipp

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