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I used to have a principle named Mr. Duchovich. He was a monster of a man. Not in Character, but in stature. When in trouble in Jr. High school, the students feared for their lives. I remember one day having another student at the school bet me that I couldn’t kick a clock that was 7.5 feet off of the ground and sticking out of the wall. Being the intelligent kid that I was I took the challenge, jumped and kicked with all of my might. I connected, and pieces of the clock, unintentionally, went flying through the air. One face landed in the doorway of Mr. Anderson’s Math class, and he immediately came to the door to see what all the commotion was about. My first inclination was to run, but realizing that there was no escape from this one I decided to stick it out. When Mr. Anderson reached for the office intercom, my second inclination was to run, but again common sense, what little there was of it, restrained me. Not moments later, Mr. Duchovich immerged from the far end of the hall. It felt like forever was passing by, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, like it wanted to get out and run away. Then my third inclination was to run, but it was too late, I was busted. I watched as Mr. D lurched his way down the hallway, within moments he was standing over me. Let me take this moment to describe him to you. He was close to 7 feet tall, and you could have fit 4 of me (a little jr. High Student) into a pair of His pants. He had deep brown eyes, and dark black curly hair. His hands were the size of my head. When I say that he was standing over me, it was no word of a lie. I could see the hair in his nostrils as I strained to look up at him. He assessed the situation with his eyes, saw the face of the clock on the ground, then he reached down, and I almost had a mild coronary, but then he passed me, and picked up the clock by the face with one hand, like he was palming a basketball. I must have been white as a ghost, and he put the face of the clock back on. Without saying a word, but merely peering right through me, He had accomplished his punishment. He turned around, thanked Mr. Anderson, then chuckled an amused chuckle and disappeared down the hall. My life was spared, I didn’t know what to say. The monster of a man that I feared with all of my being was really a gentle giant. I had a new respect for Him, I stood in awe of him, I feared him.

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