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Text Illustrations
I read this story in a Max Lucado book. He called it “Groceries and Grace.” Apparently a middle aged man had gone to the Grocery Store to pickup some bread and cheese. After he found the items he got in line at the check out and he noticed that a lady with a full buggy pulled in behind him. When he made it to the clerk she directed his attention to a large fish bowl stuffed with slips of paper. She said, “Sir if you pull out the right slip you will not have to pay for your groceries today.” He ask, “how many right slips are in the bowl.” To which she replied, “only one.” He thought I have nothing to loose so he reach in and pulled out a piece of paper. You guessed it. He pulled out the winning slip of paper. The cashier said, “congratulations Sir, your groceries are free today.” Well, he looked at the paper and then he looked at his bread and cheese and thought what a waste. Then he turned to the lady behind him a winked as he said, “look honey we won, our groceries are free today.” Well I know this is kind of shady and he shouldn’t have lied, but if you can get past that small point, you have to admit that was a great example of what it means to stimulate others to love and good deeds.