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The only thing about Christmas that bothers me is that people see Jesus as a baby, meek and mild but they don’t see Him for all that He really is.

It always used to bother me that I was called a gentle man. I longed to be seen as strong and courageous and visionary, but people mainly see me as gentle. No-one has seen me as the superhero who saves the spiritual day at the last moment, anointed by God to raise the dead and impress people with my abilities of words of knowledge. It doesn’t come easily for me to stand out in a crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve stood over the dead and prayed for resurrection life, but as yet no-one has responded. Only a few of the sick have been healed. And I have only quietly made a difference, only gently disturbed the status quo. Not enough in my eyes, despite the dream of being a world changer. So when Jesus says...

BLESSED ARE THE GENTLE - for they shall inherit the earth,

...I wonder how? Is this a prophecy, because we haven’t yet got very many GENTLE people who have inherited the earth? Or is it the tree huggers who will inherit it when the earth is destroyed by politicians? Why did Jesus teach a discipleship class in gentleness up on the mountain in Matthew 5? Big tough men who were fishermen and businessmen and rebels!

Let’s explore the possibilities...

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