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The next plague in Exodus 9 is a severe electrical thunderstorm with hail. I remember as a kid looking out over the field near our house and seeing a brown cloud of what looked like dust billowing it’s way towards me. The sky took on a brown tinge that seemed to paint the whole atmosphere and everything was swallowed up in this strange light. When the storm hit the house, hailstones the size of golf balls began to pound against our front windows with such velocity that the glass thundered a chorus in response, and the house felt like it would explode with the avalanche of sound. It was a frightening experience and the damage to property was immense, but in Egypt the hailstorm was even more immense and only Goshen survived it’s onslaught. God’s umbrella can withstand the worse of storms.

What will it take for God to get my attention! I am open to obey You Father today. Soften the hardened areas of my heart that I might respond to your Spirit today.

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