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Conviction – a holy conscience – is a powerful thing. It can change everything. A man said his daddy used to read the comics to him on Sundays. “One of the main characters in the comic strip was a guy named Willie. In one strip, he’s slumped in front of the television set with a coffee cup resting on his pot belly as he flicks his cigar ashes into his cup. He says to his wife, ‘you’re awful quiet this morning, Mamie.’ And she says in return, ‘Willie, I’ve decided to let your conscience be your guide on your day off.’

Next scene, Willie is surrounded by a lawnmower and an edger and a hoe and a shovel and he’s frantically washing the windows and muttering, ‘Every time I listen to that dumb thing I end up ruinin’ my relaxin’.’”

Charles R. Swindoll, quoting Jerry White, Honesty, Morality, and Conscience, Swindoll’s Ultimate Book of Illustrations & Quotes, (Nashville, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1998), 117.

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