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What is Your Legacy?

This week I had the extreme privilege of praying at a ceremony honoring the memory of Sandra Waugh Bradshaw, one of the heroic flight crew of 9/11's Flight 93. Sandy went to Grays Chapel and had ties to this community. I want to suggest to you that in the moment that brave bunch of people decided to attempt to take back the aircraft from the hijackers, there were no gays or straights – no black or white – no question of who's qualified and who's second-class. There was no thought of rank or privilege; that diverse group of people had one thing in mind – survival!

Today we are on another flight, and the good ship of time and God's providence is not going to stay in the air forever. God has mercifully allowed each of us to live until this day. His one command above all others is for us to love one another. The question is ever before us – will we do that, or will it be like the floor of the NY Stock Exchange: shouting, grabbing, getting and keeping, buying low, selling high – always for me, always me first. Is THAT our legacy?

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