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There is a story is a guy taking a class in ornithology, the study of birds.

The teacher has a reputation for being extremely difficult, so this guy studies his brains out for the final.

He comes the classroom feeling prepared, but instead of having normal test, there are 25 pictures on the wall of Bird’s feet.

He is supposed to identify the birds by their feet----- this kid goes nuts,

and he says to the teacher, “ it This is crazy. Nobody could take this test.

The teacher says, “ nevertheless, you have to take. "

The kid says,” I am not going to take it.”

And the teacher says, “You have to take it, or you fail. "

The kid says go ahead and fail me. I am not going to take this test

Teacher says, all right. That’s it. You have failed. Tell me your name.?

The Kid roll his pants up to his knees and says, “You tell me.”

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