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One day a little orphan girl who was about 5 years old had a visitor. The Nurse had pre warned the child that this wasn’t just any visitor. It was a lady who had severely crippled her back and her hands were withered. Her whole body was scared with deep wounds that made her look like something that belonged in a horror story. Her hair was blotched and didn’t grow in many areas and her lips were gone and she couldn’t seem to breathe normal. Now the nurse had told the little girl “no matter what you think about her remember that she is your mother”.

When the mother had entered the room the child turned her face from her in a shock from what she had seen saying…”no….no….you can’t be my mom…she doesn’t look like that….how come your so ugly to look at?” The mother replied to the little girl “I know it’s hard to look at me but I am your real mother and before I leave there’s something I want to tell you. If you then decide you never want to see me again then I will understand and will leave you alone and never come back…but let me first tell you…when you were first born one day I was outside doing laundry for us. The winds were blowing hard that afternoon and while I was yet away the house had caught on fire. I knew that you were helplessly in there and as the winds blew the fire started getting rapidly bigger. The smoke was so black and dark… I had to rush upstairs and find you not knowing what room you were in because my sight had gone dim. When I found you I covered you with my arms and wrapped you as tight as I could. The only way out was through the flames. I carefully guarded you so you wouldn’t be burnt by the fire. When we got outside I had to roll on the ground till the flames that were on my body went out but thank God you were OK. I was terribly burnt to a crisp and bloodied. We lost everything and I had to give you up for adoption and now I am seeking you again.” Then the little girl said with tears in her eyes, “Mommy….(while holding her mothers hands) these are the prettiest hands I have ever seen….your face is so beautiful….how could anyone every say anything bad about you and I love you so much for saving my life.”

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