Text Illustrations
currently Rudy is locked up and locked up is what he deserves. I met Rudy 4 years ago. He was drunk at a bus station. He wanted a bus ticket and I bought it for him. It would not be the last ticket i would buy for Rudy. Rudy was arrested for robbery when he was 17. The judge sentanced him to 10 years in prison. One can imagine what hard time does to a teenager. He has spent most of his life on the wrong side of the law... in fact on the wrong side of society. I don’t know why but God wanted me to continue to invest into this worthless person. It’s taken 4 years but I know see why. It’s because no one is worthless to God. He has a plan for his children. I recieved a letter from Jail just this week from Rudy and I want to share his words. "Sam, you can tell the church that I pray for them as much as they do me. (probably more from me not Rudy) I’m learning that I should pray for others. God will take care of me. He knows my needs. Also tell them to bring it, don’t sing it! Like you said what are you doing Monday through Saturday? Being a Christian to me is 24/7 365. And as the word says, Love, Love, Love. In here I am tested daily. different ways. One word comes to mind. LOVE! That’s how I’m doing my time. I refuse to give satan any power over me. (i love this part) I’m locked up and happy :) You tell everybody that once you FINALLY surrender they will enjoy peace and happiness that i’m experiencing and sharing with others. Well I miss everybody... Take care God Bless RUDY" "worthy is the Lamb:)"

Freedom comes through surrender. I have experienced it first hand in my own life and I have watched God set an incarserated man free like Rudy... Praise God for Freedom.