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The story is told of a teenage son who wanted to be Scripturally baptized. His father told him that the sprinkling he got as a baby was sufficient. The son tried to explain that you can only picture the idea of burial by completely being submerged. Angry, the father told him to forget it and not bring the matter up again.

The next day their dog died, and the father told the son to go out behind the barn and bury it. So the boy went out--and suddenly an idea formed in his mind. He took a handful of dirt and sprinkled it on the dog and left it.

When his dad saw what his son had done, he was angry and said, "I told you to bury the dog. Now go back and bury it right." So the boy went out, and this time he took a cup outside and poured a cupful of dirt on it.

When the father saw it, he said, "Boy, are ye daft?! I said BURY the animal! Put it UNDER THE GROUND, for crying out loud."

Suddenly the old man stopped in his tracks. He looked sheepishly at his son and then said, "Get your coat on, lad. Let’s go see the pastor to see about gettin’ you baptized proper to show death AND burial AND resurrection."

(From a sermon by Charles Sligh, If I Knew I Only Had 30 Days to Live, 4/20/2011)

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