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Dave Bosewell tells the story of Earl Weaver who was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles and how he handled slugger Reggie Jackson. Weaver had a rule that no one could steal a base unless the steal sign was given. This upset Jackson because he knew pitchers and catchers well enough so he could steal without a sign. So one day he did just that. He stole second base without the sign. He made it easy and was very satisfied with himself.

Later Weaver took Jackson aside and explained why there was no steal sign given. First of all, the next batter was the best power hitter they had besides Jackson. When Jackson stole second, the other team just walked the next batter so he didn’t have a chance to hit. The next batter up had never been very strong against this pitcher so Weaver decided to send in a pinch hitter to try to drive in the two men on base. This left Weaver without bench strength later in the game when he needed it.

The problem was that Jackson only saw the game from his perspective. He was only concerned about himself. Weaver could see the whole game and knew what was needed and when. So when he sends the signal not to steal second, it is best that you don’t do it. Jackson didn’t really get it. The same can be said of God. When He tells us to do something or not, it is best to obey. And God does these things as He sees the whole picture and talks to us through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is kind of like God’s manager here on earth.

(From a sermon by John Bergh, "Turn The Power On," 4/22/2011)

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