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Curtis Strange, one of the golfers in the Master’s Tournament, teed up on the 12th hole and hit a beautiful shot. It rolled right up and dropped in the cup for a hole-in-one. The crowd went crazy with applause and cheering. Then Curtis Strange did an interesting thing. He leaned down, reached into the cup, picked up the ball and tossed it into the creek. Now the media went crazy. With cameras on him and microphones, they asked him why he did that. "Why didn’t you keep it? You could have left it to your grandchildren."

I love his response. "I certainly hope that when I’m gone I have something better than a golf ball to leave to my grandchildren."

It’s called a legacy. Webster defines it as an inheritance, something that is a gift from the past.

(From a sermon by David Henderson, "Father Abraham, 1/5/2011)

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