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Priorities in Life and Church

Several years ago, because of all the tornados in the area, a developer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offered an optional tornado-safe room in the new homes he was selling. Nine of the first ten buyers opted to pay the extra $2,500 for the room, which can also be used as a closet, bathroom, or vault when not needed for safety. The tenth couple, the developer said, were 75 years old and opted for a hot tub instead. (“Americans Are Facing More Disasters,” USA Today, 5-23-00; www.PreachingToday.com)

Their priorities were different. Given their age, they were not concerned about prolonging their lives all that much longer. They just wanted to live the rest of their lives in comfort.

It makes me wonder about our priorities here at Bethel Church. Founded in 1865, we are 145 years old this year. Do we just want to be comfortable in our old age, or does God have something much more important for us to do?

From a sermon by C. Philip Green, Top Priority, 6/3/2010

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