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Dr. Tony Evans talks about a major league baseball superstar's recollection of his boyhood home. He, his friends, and his father played baseball quite often in their backyard. As a result, the grass had really taken a beating. It didn't look good anymore, unless you were a child looking for a nice place to play ball.

One day, as the kids and the father were playing and having a great time, the boy's mother leaned out one of the windows and called, "Can't you guys find somewhere else to play? You're killing the grass."

The man looked at his wife and answered, "Honey, we aren't raising grass; we're raising kids." (Dr. Tony Evans, Bible Illustrator No. 1629-1631, 2/1993.7)

That man took charge of raising his children. He took the initiative. Sure, his wife helped, but that man knew it was HIS responsibility, not hers.

(From a sermon by C. Philip Green, Loving Leadership, 6/17/2010)

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