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A number of years ago I was traveling in the western part of North Carolina, near the town of Bryson City. I had not had my license very long and had been given specific instructions by my family members concerning the road that I would find once I left the main highway. I was told that the road would be "different" than those that I was accustomed to traveling. It had a yellow line painted down the middle of it - but it could hardly be described as a two-lane road. And it was if fact very different - not because it had potholes, debris, or rocks on it - but because it was very narrow. When other vehicles would begin to approach you on this road, you had to slow down, move as far to the right as you could, and pray that you did not get hit. Still to this day, that road is very undesirable for most to travel.

In many ways, it is just like the road about which we will read this morning. My Bible is opened to Matthew 7:12-14. As we look into the Scriptures today we find Jesus speaking about the way that leads to destruction and the way that leads to life. And even though 2000 years have come and gone - only a very few desire to travel the way that leads to life; for ...

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