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If ever there was a person who could have offered Jesus an excuse, Robert Reed would be that person. His hands are twisted and His feet are useless. He can’t bathe himself. He can’t feed himself. He can’t brush his teeth, comb his hair or put on his clothes by himself. His shirts are held together by velcro. He has cerebral palsy. This disease keeps him from driving a car, riding a bike and just going for a walk. But it didn’t keep him from graduating from high school and then from college with a degree in Latin. It didn’t keep him from eventually teaching at the college level. And it didn’t keep him from going on 5 overseas mission trips. And it didn’t keep him from becoming a missionary to the country of Portugal. He moved there, rented a hotel room and began to study Portuguese. He found a restaurant owner who would feed him after the crowd was gone and he found someone who would tutor him in the language there. Then he stationed himself daily in a park where he gave out brochures about Jesus. Within 6 years he led 70 people to the Lord. Why? Because he chose not to offer any excuses. In kindness I would ask you, what’s your excuse today?

Have you been crippled from the past? If so, do you want to hold on to it? It’s the choice of being a victor or a victim.

(From a sermon by David Henderson, "A Lame Excuse," 1/5/2011)

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