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The Bedouin shepherd lives in shabby box tents that dot the hillsides throughout Israel. When compared to our lives saturated with modern conveniences it seems as though they live a very difficult life. However, an interesting fact is that their average life span is more than 100 years.

While the diets are made up of natural foods which contain no preservatives, that is not the secret to their longevity. The secret lies in their relatively stress free lives. Stress makes us sick, drives us crazy and kills us some three decades before the majority of these shepherds.

The Bedouins rise from their tents slightly before sunrise and go about the work of their days. As the sun begins to set they gather as families in their tents for dinner. Then they will sit around sharing stories and singing. Each evening involves three to four hours of family time.

There work is very physical and tiring, but their lives are relatively free from the noise of life. They routinely go to bed at the same time every night and enjoy deep restful and renewing sleep. As the Bedouins lie down all is quiet as they stare up at the clear star filled sky. Their minds are able to focus on the majesty of God and that is the last thought on their minds as they fall asleep.

(From a sermon by Scott Chambers, Chill Out and Breathe, 2/2/2011)

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