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(contradictory words)

Act naturally

Advanced basic

Airline food

Almost exactly

Alone together

Artificial intelligence

Awful good

Campaign promise

Civil war

Clearly misunderstood

Computer jock

Definite maybe

Diet ice cream

Dodge Ram

Exact estimate

Extinct life

Found missing

Friendly fire

Genuine imitation

Good grief

Government organization

Hands-off management

Head butt

Hospital food

Jumbo shrimp

Large minority

Legally drunk

Living dead

Marijuana initiative

Microsoft Works

Military intelligence

Near miss (its really a near hit!)

New classic

Now, then...

Passive aggression

Personal computer

Plastic glasses

Plastic silverware

Plymouth Reliant

Political science

Politically correct

Positive campaigning

Pretty ugly

Random order

Resident alien

Safe sex

Same difference

Sanitary landfill

Senior class

Silent scream

Small crowd

Social sciences

Social worker

Soft rock

Software documentation

Speedy brakes

Sweet sorrow

Synthetic natural gas

Taped live

Tax Return

Temporary tax increase

Terribly pleased

Tight slacks

Twelve-ounce pound cake

Virtual reality

Wicked good

Work party

Working vacation

SOURCE: http://www.oxymoronlist.com/. CITATION: www.MikeysFunnies.com. Mikey says, "Cannot guarantee that everything is clean on this list..."


Mikey’s Thot for the Day:

Police station toilet stolen. Cops have nothing to go on.

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