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A counterfeiter made a mistake in printing up some funny money. Instead of printing fifty-dollar bills, he mistakenly printed up thirty-dollar bills. Not wanting to let his paper and ink go to waste he decided to pass them off on "those dumb cajans in south Louisiana". His first stop was at Mr. Dufrene’s grocery store in Bayou Gauche. The counterfeiter explained that he wanted to purchase some bait at the bait stand next door, but that the proprietor didn’t have enough change to break the large bill he was making the purchase with. Mr. Dufrene said, "No problem boo, I can give you some change for your cash. Whatcha need?" The counterfeiter responded, "Well all I got is this $30 bill, can you give me change for it?" "Ah yeah," replied Mr. Dufrene, "dat ain’t no problem. How you want dat? You want ten $3 bills or two $15 bills."

Contributed by Lou Bartet

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