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Rejection comes in all forms. Steven was a young man that felt the call of God on his life. He came from a really close family. He finished his college and then went off to seminary.

After finishing seminary he came back before going to his first church. He visited with all of his relatives for about a week. He stopped by the church and talked to his hometown Pastor. The Pastor asked him if he would like to preach this Sunday. He felt honored and took the Pastor up on the invitation.

Sunday morning came and after hours, yes-even days, of preparation he stepped up behind the pulpit looked out at the congregation of friends and relatives and started to expound the knowledge that he had learned. Well, his young niece, Kathleen, about six years old - stepped out into the aisle and put her hands on her hips - her left foot out in front of the other - her head cocked to one side - THEN she said in a very loud and clear voice for her age. “Uncle Michael, You don’t know what you are talking about!”

Rejection is hard to handle from anybody - but from a six year old it is really taxing.

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