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Lou Whitmire, a reporter in Mansfield, Ohio, asked the all important question "Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?" to students at Sherman Elementary school. Here are a few of the answers he got:

Jamie Copley, 7, said people celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s the season where everyone joins together.

Christina McGuire, 7, said, "It’s a good month."

Kamozye Bowles, 6, said people celebrate Thanksgiving because "it’s a happy day."

"My granny cooks and it’s good," she said.

Bradley Ernsberger, 6, said he celebrates Thanksgiving because he is thankful for a lot of things. "I’m thankful for my friends, my limo ride for selling the most candy, my Superman costume I got to wear at Halloween and my little pumpkin I got," he said.

Selina McGregor, 6, said she knows why people all get together to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day.

"It’s a wonderful year and a good time to share all that food," she said.

"I love pumpkin pie," she added.

SOURCE: "Students have many takes on Turkey Day," By Lou Whitmire, News Journal. Citation: http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/news/stories/


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