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Dallas Willard writes: "What Jesus had to say about human good and evil was of sufficient depth, power, and justification to dominate European culture and its offshoots for two millennia. Nobody even has an idea of what 'Europe' and the 'Western world' would mean apart from Jesus and his words. The historian of morals W.E.H. Lecky describes the teaching of Jesus as 'an agency which all men must now admit to have been, for good or for evil, the most powerful moral lever that has ever been applied to the affairs of man.'"

It wasn’t just what Jesus had to SAY about morality that changed the world forever. It was what Jesus had to DO that changed everything--and that continues to change everyone who will believe on him.

At communion time, we remember the greatest moral teacher and the greatest moral doer to ever live. We remember His personal sacrifice that saves us from our sin.

"For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost."

SOURCE: SermonCentral Staff. Citation: "The Divine Conspiracy" by Dallas Willard, pg, 130. Matthew 18:11

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