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Trinity Sunday is the day in which we celebrate God the Holy Trinity; the three persons, yet still only one God: the Father-Creator, Jesus the Son-Redeemer; and the Holy Spirit-the Sanctifier. Ever since day one, Christians have grappled in their language to adequately speak and worship; preach and teach with precision who and what God the Holy Trinity is.

Jokingly, Christians might speak of “Big Daddy, his Son, and the spooky Ghost.” Or in a more practical vein, we might rely on the older analogies like the three shamrock leaves on a plant stem; or the three different forms of water—vapour, liquid, and solid; or the three ingredients in shortbread—sugar, flour, and butter.

Yet, at the same time, we all, I’m sure, realize that such analogies fall far short of adequately explaining or understanding our Triune God. When all is said and done, no matter how brilliant and inspiring our explanations might be, I believe that we begin and end with ...

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