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About 25 years ago, a new phrase slipped into the American vocabulary. Actually, the expression is as old as the New Testament itself, but for many years the world had generally ignored the term. But then Charles Colson, who was a former aide to Richard Nixon and was involved in Watergate, wrote an autobiography. It was entitled Born Again.

And then, we had a president -- Jimmy Carter -- who spoke often of the fact that he was born again, and ever since that time the expression has become quite popular.

Quite a few folks in the entertainment world lay claim to having been born again -- including Jane Fonda, Charlie Sheen and Larry Flynt. Both of the men running for president in 2000-- George W. Bush and Al Gore -- claim to have been born again. In fact, approximately 50 percent of all Americans claim to have been born again.

SOURCE: From "Nic at Night" by Alan Smith on www.sermoncentral.com. http://www.sermoncentral.com/sermon.asp?SermonID=49123

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