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The new year started off rather uniquely for a "nameless" woman in Laingsburg, Michigan. She heard "angry, accented voices" coming from her living room. Fearing her husband was being held hostage by terrorists, she hid in a bathroom closet and whispered to the police on her cellular phone. Sheriff’s deputies and a state trooper surrounded the house as the woman stayed on the phone line. They entered the house with guns drawn only to find a man sitting on the couch watching TV - alone! Police graciously did not release the woman’s name.

At least she was partially right - TV, and many other pastimes, do hold many people hostage. What bad habits and old patterns do you want to break this new year?

SOURCE: Edited by SermonCentral staff from http://irsweb.com/. Citation: The Houston Chronicle, 1/2/93, p. 11A.

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